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A flower is a shortened stem with modified leaves, adapted for sexual reproduction and the formation of seeds. In the flower distinguish tsvetolozh, perianth (calyx and corolla), stamens and pistil.
Perianth is located on the peduncle and can be simple - corolla-like (at the lily of the valley, tulip, hyacinth, lily, etc.) or calyx-like (at the nettle, sorrel, beet, hemp, etc.). In the double perianth (near the bell, etc.), the outer green leaves are called the calyx, while the inner, brightly colored leaves are called a whisk. The calyx protects the bud, and the corolla is stamens and pistil. The corolla can be multi-petalled (its petals do not grow together) and rash-splashed, in which the petals become fused.
Flowers can be right (actinomorphic), wrong (zygomorphic) and asymmetrical. Through wreaths of the right flower, you can draw several planes of symmetry (clove, lemon, primrose), and the wrong one - one (salvia, pansies, lion's pharynx). Much less common are plants with asymmetrical flowers, through which it is impossible to draw any symmetry (canna).
Especially appreciated in floriculture are terry flowers. They are the result of prolonged artificial selection and have a great decorative effect. From the biological and morphological point of view, the swallowing is considered as a phenomenon of ugliness, anomalies that can arise as a result of the transformation of stamens into petals.
The stamen consists of stamen dust and anther, in the nests of which develops pollen, which serves for fertilization.
Pestle is formed by one or more closed modified leaves - carpels - and consists of the ovary, column and stigma. Inside the ovary are the ovules, from which, after pollination and fertilization, the seeds develop, and the fruit from the ovary. In nature, there are bisexual flowers (have stamens and pistils) and same-sex (only stamens - male flowers or only pistils - female flowers).
Most flower plants are cross-pollinated plants. This pollination is due to a number of devices. Pollen transfer is carried out by bees, bumblebees, butterflies, flies that visit them to collect nectar, such plants are called ethnophilic. Their flowers are distinguished by the brightness of the color, shape, structure, and aroma - all this serves to attract insects.
A brightly colored corolla occurs in plants pollinated by daytime insects, they usually have large flowers. Small flowers are collected in large inflorescences, making them noticeable for insects (verbena, scabiosa, phlox, etc.). Some species have a brightly colored calyx (salvia, nigella, delphinium, amaranth, etc.), others have pistils and stigmas (ageratum).
Flowers in the inflorescence are often colored unequally, which makes them particularly noticeable for insects. At flowers such as arctotis, cosmeia, matricaria, rudbeckia, chrysanthemum, aster - reed flowers red, white, yellow, orange, purple, lilac, and the inner disc of tubular flowers of other colors - yellow, orange, or lilac (in arctotis).
Individual groups of insects prefer flowers of a certain color. Bees and bumblebees like purple and blue flowers, but also visit pink and orange. Day butterflies visit plants with red and yellow flowers, and night - with white and slightly pink (tobacco, alissum, cloves). Flies attract flowers of yellow, pale-red, violet color and mottled. White like all insects.
Aroma is also a very important means to attract insects. Plants pollinated by night butterflies are most fragrant in the evening hours. Thus, matthiol, tobacco, light-colored varieties of petunia, phlox, verbena, heperris, cloves smell weakly during the day and only after sunset they emit essential oils. Some flowers, visited by bees, bumblebees, butterflies, with sunset cease to smell.
Plants with flowers, in which a lot of pollen is formed - large, brightly colored, open, odorless. An example is poppy, lavatera, malopee, bell, godet, portolak.
Plants with nectarean flowers have various nectaries, which are located in different parts of the flower. Such flowers have all the Compositae, balsam, antirrinum, clove, petunia, forget-me-not, tobacco fragrant, nigella, morning glory, bindweed.
Flowers pollinated by bees have both nectar and pollen, they are often large, pink or blue in color, for example, a linaria, bell, nigella, reseda, and convolvulus.
Antirinum, delphinium, viola, salvia are pollinated only by bumblebees.
Flowers pollinated by day butterflies are brightly colored (pink, crimson) or white, have a strong, pleasant aroma and nectar, which is hidden on the bottom of a narrow tube and is accessible only to the long butterfly trunk (forget-me-not, verbena, carnations).
Flowers pollinated by night butterflies, white or light pink smell strongly in the evening and at night - gypsophila, phlox limmond, petunias.
Due to the fact that most flower plants are pollinated by bees, when growing their seeds, it is necessary to keep in mind that bees visit flowers of one plant species, which promotes cross-pollination and increases yield. Bees visit flowers of a different species in the case when there are few plants of the same species on the site.
In the absence of insect pollinators, the yield of seeds of flowering plants is reduced by 2-3 times, especially in such crossroads as viola, reseda, esholla, delphinium, poppy, clove, salvia, lobelia, lion's pharynx.
From all that has been said above, the most important thing is to become clear: what is needed for a flower is to continue the genus of a certain type of plant!

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